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SLEZA mounted orchard sprayer

Power demand: 45-55 HPUNIA SLEZA mounted orchard sprayer

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  • Tanks: 1000, 1500 or 2000 l
  • Effective pump with a delivery of 135 l/min
  • Ssystem of water suction by the sprayer pump
  • Manual or electric control system
  • Ejector system for application of chemicals
  • Fixed or steerable drawbar

Standard delivery

  • Main tank: 1000 l – PE
  • Clean water tank for washing the system
  • Clean water tank for washing hands
  • Water diluter in the main tank inlet
  • External ejector unit for suction of chemicals
  • OMEGA 135 membrane/piston pump
  • Manual control valve
  • Round or tubular fan attachment
  • Fixed drawbar
  • Wheels: 10x15"
TERMIT 10 tube attachment

TERMIT 10 tube attachment

  • Application: for vegetable (cabbage, cauliflower, beets) or fruit crops
  • Booms: 10 m spread hydraulically with 10 diffusers
  • Hydraulically lifting beams
  • Trapezoidal stabilization system
  • 2-position heads
  • Fan dia.: 17"
  • No. of speeds: 2
  • Centrifugal fan
DUET column attachment (two coaxial, backward fans)

DUET column attachment (two coaxial, backward fans)

  • Application: for high plantings
  • No. of spraying heads: 16
  • Fan dia.: 32"
  • No. of speeds: 2
  • Max. fan capacity: 43000 m3/h
OKTOPUS tube attachment

OKTOPUS tube attachment

  • Application: the bushes (currants, raspberry, blueberry) and orchards
  • No. of spraying heads: 8 lub 10
  • Fan dia.: 17"
  • No. of speeds: 2
  • Centrifugal fan
ø800 PILMET fan attachment

ø800 PILMET fan attachment

  • Application: for traditional orchards
  • No. of spraying heads: 16
  • Fan dia.: 32"
  • No. of speeds: 2
  • Max. fan capacity: 45000 m3/h


with ø800 Pilmet attachmentavailable
with ø900 Chmiel attachmentavailable
with ø800 OC attachmentavailable
with CD plus attachmentavailable
with Duet attachmentavailable
with Oktopus 8 attachmentavailable
with Oktopus 10 attachmentavailable
with Termit attachmentavailable

Technical specifications

SLEZAMain tank capacity [l]Attachment typePumpWeight [kg]Transport lenght [m]Transport width [m]Transport height [m]Power demand [HP]
with attachment ø800 Pilmet1000/1500/2000RoundOMEGA 135570/575/6703.1/3.5/3.91.2/1.3/1.451.5/1.5/1.645
with attachment ø900 Chmiel1000/1500/2000RoundOMEGA 135575/580/6753.2/3.7/4.21.2/1.3/1.451.5/1.5/1.655
with attachment ø800 OC1000/1500/2000RoundOMEGA 135570/575/6703.1/3.5/3.91.2/1.3/1.451.5/1.5/1.650
with attachment CD Plus1000/1500/2000ColumnOMEGA 135590/595/6903.5/3.7/4.21.4/1.4/1.452.4/2.4/2.545
with attachment Duet1000/1500/2000ColumnOMEGA 135600/645/6953.2/3.7/4.21.3/1.3/1.452.1/2.1/2.255
with attachment Oktopus 81000/1500/2000TubesOMEGA 135570/575/6653.2/3.5/3.91.3/1.3/1.452.4/2.4/2.545
with attachment Oktopus 101000/1500/2000TubesOMEGA 135575/560/6703.2/3.5/3.91.3/1.3/1.452.4/2.4/2.545
with attachment TERMIT 101000/1500/2000TubesOMEGA 135-/-/880-/-/4.3-/-/2.4-/-/2.345

Spraying control valves and controllers

CONTROL H (SLEZA mounted orchard sprayer)


Basic features:

  • Control of hydraulic system functions (symmetric boom unfolding – 2 pairs of hoses required; controlled by the tractor hydraulic system levers)

Application: versions with symmetric boom unfolding + manual valve of the fluid system.

CONTROL H+ (SLEZA mounted orchard sprayer)


Basic features:

  • Control of hydraulic system functions (independent boom unfolding – 1 pair of hoses required; electro-hydraulic control from the control panel in the cabin)
  • Control of foam marker

Application: versions with separate boom unfolding + manual valve of the fluid system.

Controler CONTROL DUO (SLEZA mounted orchard sprayer)


Caracteristici de bază:

  • activarea secţiunilor de stropire şi braţ
  • control al presiunii de operare
  • control al funcţiilor sistemului fluid
  • control al markerului de spumă


Additional features (SLEZA mounted orchard sprayer)

Additional features

Electronic display of operating pressure on the control panel with a transmitter instead of pressure gauge on the solenoid valve.

Trailed field sprayers – important details

Steerable drawbar controlled by tractor linkage (SLEZA mounted orchard sprayer)

Steerable drawbar controlled by tractor linkage

In 1600 l sprayer, there is asteerable drawbar that followsthe tractor tracks.