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Potato technology

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PLANTERS – major features

Chain transmissions (Potato technology)

Chain transmissions

Potato planters are equipped in chain transmissions that enable obtaining 15 various distances of the seed-potatoes in a row, in the range from 12 cm to 48 cm.


Adjustment of bucket elevator shaking (Potato technology)

Adjustment of bucket elevator shaking

In a standard design, our potato planters offer adjustment of bucket elevator shaking. Appropriate setting of the shaker makes that unnecessary potatoes fall out of the buckets (when there are more than one seed-potato inside).


Attachment of the ridging discs (Potato technology)

Attachment of the ridging discs

Attachment of the ridging discs allows adjustment of their angle of inclination and distances between them. By appropriate spacing of the ridging discs, we can achieve different shapes of ridges and different height of potato covering.


The belt tensioner (Potato technology)

The belt tensioner

The belt tensioner is designed so that one lever tensions the belt from both sides. The tensioner facilitates fast switch-off of the planting belt (e.g. after completion of work or for winter).


Copying wheels (Potato technology)

Copying wheels

The copying wheels allow maintaining the same planting depth in all rows, despite the curvature of the area. It is important, since the emergence of potatoes should occur at the same time over the whole plantation. Four-row planters, i.e. KORA 4, KORA 4h and KORA 4hp, have the copying wheels installed as a standard, while they can be installed also in the tworow KORA planter.


Shovel ploughs (Potato technology)

Shovel ploughs

Shovel ploughs can be installed instead of the ridging discs.


Optional set for planting (Potato technology)

Optional set for planting

KORA 2 planter has optional set for planting sprouted potatoes. The set includes: rear and side platforms for boxes with seed-potatoes and vibration panels that reduce sprout damages.


Bulk fertilizer scatterer (Potato technology)

Bulk fertilizer scatterer

In KORA 2 planter, it is possible to install bulk fertilizer scatterer, used for feeding fertilizer very close to the planted potatoes.


Scoops (Potato technology)


The planters in the standard versions have the scoops installed (yellow) that provide pick-up of single sorted seed-potatoes, ranging in size from 35 to 60 mm. When planting undersized or oversized seed-potatoes (in relation to those specified above), it is advisable to use special inserts for small or big seeds, accordingly.


Technical specifications

no. of rows24444
working width [m]1,4-1,53,03,03,63,03,63,0
interrow width [cm]70/7570/757590759075
potato hopper capacity [kg]40084010001200200022001000
planting depth [cm]4-124-124-124-124-12
productivity [ha/h]0,3-0,50,6-1,11,31,51,61,71,3
weight [kg]44089513401390158016301500
power demand [HP]50757590758090
FORMA 2 / 42
Working width [m]1,53
Interrow width [cm]70 / 7570 / 75
Productivity [ha/h]0,5-0,71,0-1,4
Dimensions [m] – lenght1,891,89
Dimensions [m] – width1,773,28
Dimensions [m] – height1,121,12
Weight [kg]420700
Power demand [HP]from 45from 65
working width [m]0,625÷0,750,625÷0,750,625÷0,75
no. of rows [pcs.]111
working speed [km]1,5÷5,01,5÷5,01,5÷5,0
productivity [ha/h]up to 0,15up to 0,15up to 0,15
potato hopper capacity [kg]1250
width of loading duct [mm]600
platform load capacity [kg]500
length [m]5,955,955,95
width [m]2,422,422,42
height [m]2,691,92,95
discharge height [m]1,1÷2,5up to 3,1
power demand [HP]403030
weight [kg]197115312090
operators2 persons2 persons
WEGA 1400 UNO / 1600 DUO1400 UNO1600 DUO
working width [m]1,4 (1,5)1,6
interrow width [cm]70÷7575÷90
no. of rows [szt.]22
dimensions (length / width / height) [m]2,84 / 1,8/ 1,123,5 / 1,8/ 1,12
weight [kg]608720
power demand [HP]5565
PYRA 16001600 w. hopper1600 w. platform
working width [m]0,750,75
no. of rows11
working speed [km]1,5÷5,01,5÷5,0
productivity [ha/h]from 0,16from 0,16
potato hopper capacity [kg]1600
platform load capacity [kg]1000
dimensions [m] – length7,477,47
dimensions [m] – width2,42,4
dimensions [m] – height2,82,8
discharge height [m]1,35÷2,70
power demand [HP]from 50from 50
weight [kg]29002650
PYRA 3000 
working width [m]0,75÷0,90
no. of rows [pcs.]1
working speed [km]1,5÷5,0
productivity [ha/h]up to 0,18
potato hopper capacity [kg]3000
dimensions (length / width / height) [m]8,15 / 2,82 / 3,02
unloading height [m]1,25÷3,70
power demand [HP]80
weight [kg]4690
operators2+2 persons