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PS unitized body trailers

UNIA PS unitized body trailers

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  • 2-line air brake system
  • sprung tandem wheelset
  • 2-line air brake system with automatic brake controller
  • handbrake
  • sprung drawbar
  • steps inside the cargo box
  • gate for stream discharge in the rear wall
  • hydraulically opened rear wall with hook lock
  • mudguards/fenders
  • wheel chocks
  • hydraulic support foot
  • 550/60 R22.5 tyres
<p>Hermetic trailer can transport even&nbsp;the smallest or semi-liquid materials.</p>

Hermetic trailer can transport even the smallest or semi-liquid materials.

<p>Trailers come with a sprung drawbar as a standard, which absorbs all vibrations.</p>

Trailers come with a sprung drawbar as a standard, which absorbs all vibrations.



Robust and tight closing of the rear wall by clamping hooks, which automatically lock the rear wall after its lowering.


PS 20available
PS 22available
PS 24available
PS 20 W (lifted container)available
PS 22 W (lifted container)available

Accessories at extra charge

hopper tarpaulin cover, mechanically folded *available
working platform with rail *available
ROCKINGER manual rear hitch *available
ROCKINGER automatic rear hitch *available
hydraulically driven rear axleavailable
grain chute *available
ball hitch, ø80 *available
vegetable bruise reducing tentavailable

Technical specifications

PSPS 20PS 22PS 24PS 20 WPS 22 W
total weight [t]2022222022
technical capacity [t]1416161416
trailer body capacity [m3]16,516,518/2716,516,5
body capacity with 500 mm attachment [m3]23232323
speed approval [km/h](25) 40(25) 40(25) 40(25) 40(25) 40
axle load [kg]2× 90002× 100002× 100002× 90002× 10000
max drawbar load on hitch [t]2÷32÷32÷32÷32÷3
cargo body dimensions [m]6,06,06,56,06,0
cargo body dimensions [m]2,22,22,22,22,2
cargo body dimensions [m]1,251,752,51,251,75
total dimensions [m]7,87,88,57,87,8
total dimensions [m]2,552,552,552,552,55
total dimensions [m]2,73,13,522,73,1
kerb weight [kg]55455745624556455845

TRAILERS – major features

Robust frame (PS unitized body trailers)

Robust frame

The chassis frame has been designed acc. to the latest design solutions and is made of open profile components, which greatly increases the strength and durability in relation to the closed profile.

Profiled walls (PS unitized body trailers)

Profiled walls

Profiled walls of Fuhrmann reputable company, which greatly increases the body resistance to deformations and ensures its good quality for many years.

Long wheelbase (PS unitized body trailers)

Long wheelbase

Long wheelbase allows safe transport and unloading in any conditions.

Preservation (PS unitized body trailers)


A modern trailer means also perfect fitting of all details as well as preservation of the trailer against harsh operating and adverse weather conditions. Powder painting of the sides and other components is the best trailer protection for many years.

New seal (PS unitized body trailers)

New seal

New seals in the 14 tons trailers made of bars (without gasket), ensure high tightness and maintenance-free operation of the trailer for many years.

Versatility (PS unitized body trailers)


5.25 m long and 2.42 m wide body in the LONG version of trailers mean excellent use of the cargo area. Versatility of our trailers means that you can use them not only for transport of agricultural products, but also pallets or bales of straw.

Robust design (PS unitized body trailers)

Robust design

Components of the best reputable companies also contribute to the robustness of our trailers:

  • brake system with automatic brake controller of the American companies Wabco or Haldex
  • cylinder for three way tipping of the body of Italian Mariz company
  • ADR/ATW driving axles with TÜV certificate
  • turntable, ball joints and drawbar of German Jost company with TÜV certificate
Low loading height (PS unitized body trailers)

Low loading height

Adaptation of the modern loadbearing frame design enabled achievement of low loading height, which is equal to as little as 1.18 m (versions P 6 LONG / P 8 LONG) or 1.42 m (versions P 10 LONG / P 12 LONG / P 14 LONG) from the ground to the trailer floor.