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MX double disc fertilizer spreaders with slotted sowing system

Power demand: 60-180 HPUNIA MX double disc fertilizer spreaders with slotted sowing system

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  • working width 10÷24 m (MX 850 – 1200)
  • working width 10÷36 m (MX 1600 – 3000)
  • hydraulic closing of metering slots (one-sided)
  • hopper sieves
  • indicator of angle of inclination of the spreader
  • spreading and setting table
  • plate for border spreading
  • lighting installation (MX 1600-3000)
Simple adjustment of the spreader

Simple adjustment of the spreader

In our spreaders, adjustment of the working widthand dose can be performed without the use ofany tools. By the use of screws with convenienthandles, adjustment of the working width is nota problem.
Spreading discs

Spreading discs

The spinner discs ensure precise distribution of fertilizer in any conditions. Simple change of working width due to practical slots reduces the time for preparation the machine to work to minimum.

Chassis to the spreader

Chassis to the spreader


MX 850available
MX 1200available
MX 1600available
MX 2100available
MX 3000available

Accessories at extra charge

SS hopper, MX 850available
SS hopper, MX 1200available
SS hopper, MX 1600available
SS hopper, MX 2100available
two-line hydraulic control of the LH or RH side of spreadingavailable
rack tarpaulin, MX 850–1200 *available
rack tarpaulin, MX (1600–2100) *available
rack tarpaulin, MX 3000 *available
border spreading disc 10-24 (MX 850-1200) *available
border spreading disc 10-36 (MX 1600-3000) *available
removable transport wheels *available
warning plates kit with lamps (MX 850-1200)available
PTO shaft MX 850, MX 1200, MX 1600 (250 Nm, L nom. 840 mm) *available
PTO shaft MX 3000 (400 Nm, L nom. 1205 mm) *available
device for border spreading of granular fertilizers, mechanically folded *available
device for border spreading of granular fertilizers, hydraulically folded (MX 1600-3000)available
chassis to the spreaderavailable

Technical specifications

Hopper capacity [dm3]8501200160021003000
Working width [m]10÷2410÷36
Transport dimensions
Length [m]/Width [m]/Loading height [m]/
1,1 / 2,0 / 1,061,1 / 2,0 / 1,191,54 / 2,2 / 1,361,54 / 2,26 / 1,51,67 / 2,67 / 1,78
Weight of machine [kg]273305380558595
Power demand [HP]60-7080-90100-120130-140from 180

Computers for MXL Premium fertilizer spreaders

TOUCH 800 COMPUTER (MX double disc fertilizer spreaders with slotted sowing system)



Modern and universal information exchange system between the tractor and the cooperating machine operating in ISOBUS standards – used for control of many machines only by one computer.

Standard function:

  • standard ISOBUS
  • quick change of the distributed dose
  • check of the fertilizer presence in the hopper
  • check of rotational speed of the spinner discs
  • measurement of the covered area with the resolution to 1 m2
  • measurement of the productivity achieved in ha/h
  • sensors control
  • color touch panel
  • USB port
  • Track Leader II – parallel driving
  • Track Leader AUTO – automatic driving
  • VRC – precision agriculture
  • Farm Pilot – management platform
  • ASD – communication with other terminals
Software (MX double disc fertilizer spreaders with slotted sowing system)


Track Leader II allows pass in parallel paths in various modes. Displaying of driving direction and distance to the ideal line.

Variable Rate Control (VRC) work according to the application maps in the 'shape’ format.

In addition, the software allows:

  • documentation of the treated areas
  • recording of the process paths, obstacles and boundaries
  • displaying of the application map with the treated and remaining area
  • measurement of the treated area with the resolution to 1 m2
  • keeping the corners
  • 2D/3D display modes and 'as a bird's eye' perspective
  • UTS with GPS – precise fertilization with a map of soil minerals. It facilitates monitoring of the selection of proper nutrients according to the requirements. It also provides cost-effective and efficient use of fertilizer.