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FOKA Maize cutter blower

Power demand: 45 HPUNIA FOKA Maize cutter blower

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  • two circular shear blades
  • 12 shredders
  • control of the blower channel
  • floor for crushing grain
  • shredder grinder
  • trailer hitch
  • PTO shaft (6×6, 830 Nm) with unidirectional clutch
Shear blades

Shear blades

cut the maize/corn stalks and a feeder drumstransport them onto the disc with shredders.


can be sharpened on the machine usingstandard grinder.
Grain crushing floor

Grain crushing floor

ribbed rasp at the bottom of the shredderchamber tears the grain coating.
Control of the blower channel

Control of the blower channel

from the cab



Technical specifications

Weight [kg]520
No. of blades [pc.]12
Cutting length [mm]5
Working speed [km/h]12
Min row spacing [cm]60
Productivity [t/h]to 30
Throw controlmechanical
PTO speed [RPM]540
Power demand on PTO [HP]45