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FS 1000/3, 1000/4 pneumatic combination seed drill

Power demand: 130-180 HPUNIA FS 1000/3, 1000/4 pneumatic combination seed drill

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  • semi-mounted axle, ø60-825/ø36 mm (FS, FS, T version)
  • susspension ø825/ø28 mm (FS, A 3m version)
  • susspension ø825/ø36 mm (FS, A 4m version)
  • air-controlled seed control system (FS version)
  • fan driven by hydraulic motor (flow rate: 24 L/min)
  • alternating disc and self-cleaning coulters "SHELL" - ø300 mm; clamping force P = 25 kg 
  • variable gear
  • sowing units with peg wheels and adapters for fine seeds
  • hydraulic marker trigger with two cylinders
  • electric process paths
  • pressure gauge
  • loading platform
  • deflectors: side (FS T)
  • firmer
<p>Drive of seeding shaft from the massive spur wheel.</p>

Drive of seeding shaft from the massive spur wheel.

<p>Precise variable gear to adjust the seed dose.</p>

Precise variable gear to adjust the seed dose.

<li>Alternating double-disc coulter ø300 mm</li>
<li>Max clamping force P = 25 kg/coulter</li>
<li>Compacting and ground-following wheel 300×50 mm</li>
  • Alternating double-disc coulter ø300 mm
  • Max clamping force P = 25 kg/coulter
  • Compacting and ground-following wheel 300×50 mm

FS S set

  • seeder FS
  • tine aggregate: string roller, 300 mm, 3 rows of SV-tines, rear Packer roller ø500 mm

FS T set

  • seeder FS
  • disc aggregate: two rows of disc 460 mm, rear Packer roller ø500 mm

FS A set

  • seeder FS
  • active aggregate: 12 rotors with vertical blades, 280mm long, rear Packer, roller fi 500mm front and rear, leveling bar, PTO shaft


FS Savailable
FS Tavailableavailable
FS Aavailableavailable

Accessories at extra charge

compacting and ground-following unit *availableavailable
surcharge for rubber roller, ø500 mmavailableavailable
hydraulic pre-emergence process paths *availableavailable
R14 multifunction computeravailableavailable
Superior computer - multifunction control (arranger of wheels, electric test calibration and work)availableavailable
road lighting *availableavailable

Technical specifications

FS 1000/3, 1000/4S 1000/3T 1000/3T 1000/4A 1000/3A 1000/4
working width [m]33434
hopper capacity [dm3]10001000100010001000
type of coultersdiscdiscdiscdiscdisc
no. of coulters [pc.]2424322432
weight [kg]23502450284024802860
power demand [HP]130140180140180

Units for Combination Seed Drills

ARES L (FS 1000/3, 1000/4 pneumatic combination seed drill)


  • ø300 mm solid string roller
  • Two rows of SU tines per
  • ø500 mm packer roller

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ATLAS (FS 1000/3, 1000/4 pneumatic combination seed drill)


  • Front bar
  • Front string roller, ø400 mm 
  • Double-row section of SZ or SX spring tines with ø260 mm undercutter
  • Levelling bar
  • Ddouble Crosskill roller, ø400 mm, alternating
  • Rear toothed skid
  • Draw-bar for seeder

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