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FS 2000/3, 2400/4 semănătoare pneumatică directă

Necesar de putere: 150-180 CPUNIA FS 2000/3, 2400/4 semănătoare pneumatică directă

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Echipament standard

  • Ensures high sowing efficiency due to the use of seed hopper with a capacity of 2000 litres
  • High operating speed (recommended: approx. 14 km/h) and good ground copying by double- disc coulters
  • Massive rear tyre roller (1100 mm)
  • All adjustments are supported by hydraulic cylinders

Pachet recomandat de fabrică

  • semi-mounted axle, ø70-90/ø36 mm
  • front Packer roller, 800 mm, with steerable wheels size 7.5x16
  • two rows of ø460 mm discs, protected by rubber dampers
  • transport and compacting tyre roller, 800 mm dia., wheel size: 7.5x16
  • "double-disc coulters in "V-TECH" configuration, ø300 mm, with 350x78 groundfollowing wheels, clamping force 40 kg/coulter,spacing: 15 cm"
  • fan driven by hydraulic motor flow rate: 24 l/min., with independent hydraulic system (pump mounted on PTO-shaft + oil tank with level & temperature reader, radiator with thermostat)
  • R14 multifunction computer – counting ha, planning process paths
  • hydraulic marker trigger with two cylinders
  • sowing rollers with adapter (1 or 2 tracks) for fine seeds
  • loading platform with steps
  • central and individual clamping of coulters
  • device for seed calibration test
  • variable gear (sowing range: 2÷400 kg/ha)
  • pressure gauge - to controll correct air pressure in transport lines
  • side deflectors
  • firmer with individual clamping force
<p>Massive coulter with simple depth control system.</p>

Massive coulter with simple depth control system.

Hydraulic front board (option)

Hydraulic front board (option)

Front hitch Packer (steerable), ø800 mm

Front hitch Packer (steerable), ø800 mm

<p>Modern FS seed control system with adapters for fine seeds</p>

Modern FS seed control system with adapters for fine seeds

<li>Double disc coulters in "V-TECH" configuration ø300 mm</li>
<li>Max clamping force P = 40 kg/coulter</li>
<li>Compacting and ground-following wheel 350×78 mm</li>
  • Double disc coulters in "V-TECH" configuration ø300 mm
  • Max clamping force P = 40 kg/coulter
  • Compacting and ground-following wheel 350×78 mm


FS 2000/3disponibil
FS 2000/4disponibil

Accessorii pentru extra taxă

hydraulic pre-emergence process pathsdisponibil
hydraulic front board (3 m)disponibil
hydraulic front board (4 m)disponibil
Superior computer - multifunction control (arranger of wheels, electric test calibration and work)disponibil
road lightingdisponibil

Specificații tehnice

FS 2000/3, 2400/42000/32000/4
Working width [m]34
Hopper capacity [dm3]20002400
Type of coultersdics V-TECHdics V-TECH
No. of coulters [pc.]2028
No. of discs [pc.]2432
Weight [kg]43004700
Power demand [HP]120-140140-160

Units for Combination Seed Drills