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AGROPOL stivuitor

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Echipament standard

  • Unit designed for load handling operations on farms, horticulture and market gardening
  • Standard delivery includes the threepoint linkage/hitch
  • Can be mounted on the rear three-point linkage/hitch of the tractor
  • Max. load capacity 1400 kg

Pachet recomandat de fabrică

  • Massive stable mast with a height of: AGROPOL L – 180 cm, AGROPOL XL – 270 cm
  • Chain drive
  • Foldable fork
  • Three-point linkage/hitch
Transport position

Transport position

Forks of the truck can be lifted up for transport, which allows its manoeuvring on public roads.

Side shift

Side shift

Side shift cylinder allows lifting of 18 cm.

Mast tilting

Mast tilting

Use of a cylinder instead of connecting screw allows tilting the mast of 12 degrees.

Turntable for pallet-crates

Turntable for pallet-crates

XL version can be additionally equipped with a device for turning pallet-crates.


L + TILTdisponibil
L + SHIFTdisponibil
L + TILT + SHIFTdisponibil
XL + TILTdisponibil
XL + SHIFTdisponibil
XL + TILT + SHIFTdisponibil

(Preț în 2013)

Accessorii pentru extra taxă

Turntable for pallet-cratesdisponibil

Specificații tehnice

Lifting height [cm]180270
Max. load capacity [kg]14001200
Height of the structure [cm]205211
Kerb weight [kg]190270
Power demand [HP]4040
Side shift – option [cm]1818
Mast tilting – option [°]1212