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POLONEZ 780 / 1000 mechanical row seed drill

Necesar de putere: 80-100 CPUNIA POLONEZ 780 / 1000 mechanical row seed drill

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Echipament standard

  • suspension axle: ø28-875/ø36 mm
  • hoe coulters
  • alternating double disc SHELL and selfcleaning coulters disc (version D) disc ø350mm, clamping force P=25 kg
  • hydraulic marker trigger with two cylinders
  • electric process paths
  • two-piece integrated metering rollers for cereals and rape
  • variable gear
  • wheels size 10×15
  • central hydraulic clamping of coulters
  • individual clamping of coulters
  • tractor wheel tracks openers
  • loading platform on whole width
  • central and individual clamping of coulters
  • volumetric fluted sowing unit for fertilizing (DUPLO version)
  • spring - loaded firmer
System DUPLO

System DUPLO

additional volumetric fluted sowing units for fertilizing, splitted sead-box

POLONEZ 780 / 1000
Hydraulic pressure

Hydraulic pressure

hydraulic cylinder allows for smooth adjustmentof central coulters clamping
Hoe coulters

Hoe coulters

<li>Alternating disc coulters SHELL ø350mm,</li>
<li>Max clamping force P=25 kg/coulters</li>
<li>Compacting and ground-following wheel&nbsp;330×50 mm</li>
  • Alternating disc coulters SHELL ø350mm,
  • Max clamping force P=25 kg/coulters
  • Compacting and ground-following wheel 330×50 mm


POLONEZ 780/4disponibil
POLONEZ 780/4Ddisponibil
POLONEZ 780/4D DUPLOdisponibil
POLONEZ 1000/4disponibil
POLONEZ 1000/4 Ddisponibil
POLONEZ 1000/4 D DUPLOdisponibil

Accessorii pentru extra taxă

surcharge for Superior controllerdisponibil
resignation from controller Superior (monitor)-disponibil
R14 multifunction computerdisponibil
hydraulic pre-emergence process paths *disponibil
pressing and ground following unit (version D and D DUPLO) *disponibil
road lighting *disponibil
seeder ALFA 240/30/4 for grass (with spreading bar)disponibil

Specificații tehnice

POLONEZ 780 / 1000780/4780/4 D780/4 D
1000/41000/4 D1000/4 D
Working width (m)444444
Hopper capacity (dm3)780780780100010001000
Type of coultershoediscdischoediscdisc
No. of coulters (pcs)353131353131
Sowing depth (cm)0-70-70-70-70-70-7
No of rows of coulters (pcs)222222
Power demand (HP)808080100100100
Weight (kg)9201100115097011501200

Coulter types

Disc coulters ()

Disc coulters

Disc coulter of 400 mm dia. protected by rubber shock-absorbers.

Disc coulters with spring ()

Disc coulters with spring

Disc coulter of 400 mm dia. with special spring for copying the ground profile.

Double – disc coulters with copying wheel ()

Double – disc coulters with copying wheel

Heavy double – disc coulters with copying and cleaning wheel.

Skid coulter ()

Skid coulter

Lightweight double-row skid coulter.