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Rakes and tedders

Product lines

RAKES – Accessories

Tandem articulated axle (Rakes and tedders)

Tandem articulated axle

Ensures smooth ride of rake both at work and during transport.

Swivel wheel suspension (Rakes and tedders)

Swivel wheel suspension

Facilitates rake operation in narrow U-turns.

For: RAK 1 / 1,12

Height of rotor operation (Rakes and tedders)

Height of rotor operation

Adjustable directly on the gearbox by special crank with interlock.

For: RAK 1 / 1,12, RAK 2

Transport bar (Rakes and tedders)

Transport bar

During trips to longer distances, the raking arms can be securely installed in the holes of the middle transport bar.

For: RAK 1 / 1,12, RAK 2

Apron (Rakes and tedders)


Ensures safe work and allows adjustment of the swath width within a certain range.

For: RAK 1 / 1,12, RAK 2

Tines (Rakes and tedders)


Easy to replace even in the field.

For: RAK 1 / 1,12, RAK 2

Raking arms (Rakes and tedders)

Raking arms

Installation of the raking arms is easy and takes little time.

For: RAK 1 / 1,12, RAK 2

External rotors (Rakes and tedders)

External rotors

Hydraulically folded to the transport position.


Transport position (Rakes and tedders)

Transport position

Raking rollers are hydraulically lifted for transportation.

Technical specifications

RAK 1 / 1,1211,12
working width [m]3.84,3
width of forming roller [m]0,6÷0,9​0,7
no. of rotors [pcs.]1
rotor diameter [m]2,73,35
no. of raking arms [pc.]912
efficiency [ha / h]3,44,7
power demand [HP]45
weight [kg]320490
RAK 2 
Working width [m]6,4-7,4
Width of forming roller [m]0,7-1,7
No. of rotors [pcs.]2
Rotor diameter [m]3,1
No. of raking arms [pc.]22
Efficiency [ha / h]8,5
Power demand [HP]70
Weight [kg]1870
Working width [m]5,5
No. of rotors [pcs.]4
Diameter of rotors [m]1,75
No. of arms per rotor [pcs.]7
Adjustment of rotor inclination4 positions
Efficiency [ha /h]10
Power demand [HP]40
Weight [kg]630
Transport width [m]2,95
Transport height [m]3,2
weight [kg]64090011001700
power demand [HP]708090110